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Circular Challenge Citeo detects, experiments and accelerates innovative solutions to meet socio-environmental challenges and accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.

Our positive impact

●50 solutions accelerated ●EUR 120 M raised by finalists ●EUR 41 M of turnover generated ●1,650 start-up identified in 89 countries

Latest News and Highlights

Encouraged by its successful track record, Citeo has decided to introduce the first impact accelerator dedicated to the circular economy: the Circular Challenge Citeo Accelerator. Circular Challenge Citeo Accelerator is both an impact incubator and a platform for 1,650 start-ups from 89 countries. It is the leading initiative to provide long-term support to projects on waste prevention, eco-design, sorting, collection, reuse, and recycling !

Additional information

With its 5 years experience, Circular Challenge, Citeo's open innovation programme, has proven its ability to identify, support innovative and concrete solutions, both in France and abroad, and foster a real ecosystem of committed players : entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, companies, manufacturers and communities The programme helps circular solutions to grow, scale and increase their impact for the benefit of the whole ecosystem involved in the transition towards a circular economy.

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