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For more than 35 years, we are pioneer in creating exceptional organic beauty products in the Ardèche region of France. We propose a vision of beauty based on a harmony between Man and Nature.

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90% of our products contains at least 99% of natural ingredients. Our best seller floral water bottle is 100% recycled plastic. We have installed 1150 hives in France and abroad, a home for 63M bees

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Melvita is part of the L'Occitane Groupe which has taken the commitment to be certified B-Corp by 2022-2023. To prepare we have developed our new brand purpose and target objectives to achieve. See below some of our key objectives : 1- Toward 100% of our rinse-off products being biodegradable 2-Toward 100% recycled plastic in our bottles 3- Expand our biodiversity non profit actions beyond bees' preservation

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Citizen-consumers now expect companies to contribute to the reinvention of a sustainable economic and social model. Some brands, purpose-native, are born to respond to this meaning and participation in a more inclusive, sustainable world. Melvita is one of them : an engaged and pioneering French skincare brand, Melvita was launched in 1983, from the dream of its founder-biologist, who sought to reconcile people with nature and offer the best cosmetic products without compromising our health or the environment. In order to have a positive impact on the fragile balance between Man and Nature, we are certain that it’s time to go beyond organic certification. Bio accreditation has everything to gain by converging with other key sustainability indicators - first of which is a local dimension to production, a concern for fairness towards stakeholders, obsession for transparency and traceability, a reduction across the carbon footprint on the entire value chain… Such an approach, that is sustainable as well as organic, has been the Melvita way from the beginning, hand in hand with all its communities. We have our heart set on a global ecological transition, that encourages responsible actions, in and beyond the cosmetic industry. We hold the firm belief that each and every one of us - individuals, companies or organizations- can give back what Nature gives us, by "doing our bit", and by embracing more and more a true organic, sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

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