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Developing circular manufacturing processes for the fashion industry using renewable resources

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CO2 is captured from industrial sources, reacted with a catalyst and solvent to generate chemicals that are used for polyester synthesis. These chemicals are polymerized to create polyester pellets which are then spun into yarn and finally into fabric. In a near future our technology would produce carbon negative 100% sustainable PET. We are the first and only company directly transforming CO2 into polyester.
It is a long term project and we are still at the lab scale, our KPI are very low today but the potential is huge: we can reduce the emission associated with polyester manufacturing by 50%, decrease the water usage by 90% and we can fixed 460g of CO2/Kg of polyester produced. We are working towards producing 3.9 million tons of AirWear polyester in 2030 and reducing the annual CO2 footprint of the industry by 7 million tons and this will be only the beginning!
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August 16, 2019 12:00 AM

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