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Stéphane Hallaire




With 12 years of experience as a consultant in organizations, especially in United Kingdom, Stéphane Hallaire created Reforest'Action in 2010. Its ambition was to address citizens and businesses with a concrete, positive and measurable solution in the service of Earth: participatory reforestation. As an environmental leader, Stéphane Hallaire carries a simple message: “forest is the best solution to meet the two major challenges of the future for Humanity: climate change and the loss of biodiversity. It is also a fantastic ally in bringing our lifestyles into harmony with the living, in particular through the circular bioeconomy and the emotional reconnection with nature to which we belong.” In March 2019, Stéphane launched the first edition of Le Mois de la Forêt (the Forest’s month). During this national campaign of mobilization and public awareness (7M people impacted), Stéphane spoke alongside international climate experts such as Jean Jouzel (former Vice-President of the IPCC scientific group) and took part, with Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, in the largest planting of micro-forest in the capital. Since then, the Mois de la Forêt has been raising awareness among the French-speaking general public every year about forestry issues in France and around the world. In March 2021, under the impetus and leadership of Stéphane, Reforest’Action organized the Global Forest Summit with the Open Diplomacy Institute. This international high-level event brought together members of governments, leaders of international organizations, multinationals, NGOs, climate activists and indigenous communities. Objective: accelerate action for the protection and restoration of the world's forests. Thanks to Stéphane Hallaire’s vision and energy, Reforest'Action brings together more than 200,000 citizens (one of the largest communities of tree planters in the world), more than 700 promoters of public and private projects as well as 2,000 companies. Reforest'Action enables them to take action reducing their footprint on forests and restoring them across 30 countries on five continents.

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