ChangeNOW 2021


Vincent Ridoux

La Rochelle University & Observatoire Pelagis

Professor & Cetacean expert


My research work focuses on the ecology of seabirds and marine mammals and their conservation. My research interests include the use of food resources and habitats by these marine predators, and interactions with human activities at sea. In particular, I have supervised doctoral research projects on the composition of the diet of marine mammals and on the energetic value of prey in relation to costs of living, then on the use of cetacean strandings to assess the anthropic pressures on these populations and finally on the distribution and characteristics of habitats used by these species. In connection with this research activity, I contribute to several international working groups at the interface with public policies for marine conservation. Thus, I am the scientific expert of the French delegation to the International Whaling Commission, and I regularly attend to working groups of regional cetacean conservation agreements. More recently, I try to direct my scientific commitments towards projects with a strong capacity building and cooperation dimension.

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