ChangeNOW 2021


José Manuel Moller


CEO & Founder


José Manuel Moller is the CEO & Founder of Algramo. His undergraduate studies were in Business Administration, additionally he also holds a Master of Advanced Design. Since 2013, José has been dedicated to creating and developing Algramo. A TED & Ashoka Fellow, José has won many accolades including: Fast Company Most Innovative Company in Latin America, Chile’s 2017 Top Social Entrepreneur (Schwab Foundation). In 2019 he was designated a World Economic Forum, Young Global Leader; he won MIT Solve’s Circular Economy Challenge; and most recently he won National Geographic’s Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge Circular Economy Track. In few years, with limited investment, he has established Algramo across a network 2,000 stores. In 6 years, under José’s leadership, Algramo has brought reusable packaging to 350,000 BoP customers to help instil a reuse culture in the communities Algramo serves-where reuse rates have increased from <10% to >85%. With a vision of transforming the way people consume products, he is disrupting the packaging & consumer goods supply chain industries by adding new technologies. Now global brands like Unilever, Nestlé and Colgate are incorporating Algramo’s technology into their distribution systems.

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