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La mission d'Axionable est d'assister les entreprises dans la création de valeur durable en utilisant l'IA de manière responsable, avec un impact positif et mesurable pour leur activité et la société.

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Greentech Innovation label: for Axionable, the labeling of our AI-based climate risk prevention solution symbolizes the French Government's recognition of our dual technical expertise (Data & AI) and sustainable development, our environmental impact, our innovation and our growth prospects.

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- GreenTech Innovation label - B Corp label - Interview of our CEO Gwendal Bihan : "AI: what future for Europe?" (May 3rd, in French) :

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Axionable is the leader in sustainable artificial intelligence in France and Canada. Certified B Corp and member of the Board of Directors of the Impact AI reference collective, the company commits in resolving business issues thanks to sustainable AI. Its multidisciplinary team of experts, AI/data and sustainable development researchers brings a new AI business approach combining economic and social results, societal and environmental impacts. Axionable takes action in the banking/ insurance, media ,luxury goods, real estate and health sectors. In order to assists its client trough their projects, an industrial approach to carry out major transformation projects is adopted. Moreover, Axionable supports the use of an ethical approach. Since its creation in 2016 by 4 co-founders and always self-financed, the company has been experiencing a strong growth. Today, 50 employees are employed in Paris and Montreal

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Rejoindre Axionable, c'est évoluer dans une entreprise responsable (certifiée B-Corp et labellisée Greentech Innovation), à taille humaine et en croissance, spécialisée dans le conseil technologique à finalité durable, qui vous permettra d’allier sens, technologie et carrière. ### English version ### Joining Axionable means working in a responsible company (B-Corp certified and Greentech Innovation labelled), on a human scale and growing, specialising in technological consulting with a sustainable objective, which will enable you to combine meaning, technology and career.

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