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Mastercard est une société technologique mondiale dans l’industrie des paiements. Notre mission consiste à connecter et alimenter une économie numérique inclusive, qui bénéficie à chacun et partout, en permettant des transactions sûres, simples, intelligentes et accessibles. Nous nous appuyons sur des données et des réseaux sécurisés, nos partenariats et notre passion, nos innovations et nos solutions pour donner aux particuliers, aux institutions financières, aux gouvernements et aux entreprises les moyens de réaliser tout leur potentiel. Notre quotient de décence (QD) façonne notre culture et chacune de nos activités, au sein de notre entreprise comme en externe. Présents dans plus de 210 pays et territoires, nous bâtissons un monde durable pour ouvrir à chacun un horizon riche en possibilités priceless inestimables.

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Climate Change - Commitment to reduce -absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 38% by 2025 (2016 base year). - absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions 20% Environmentally Conscious Solutions - Priceless Planet Coalition -100 Million trees by 2025

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Mastercard Commits $25 Million+ to Ensure Equitable Access to Vaccines Across the Globe, Partnering With Global Citizens VAX LIVE Campaign Mastercard Joins Planet Pledge, Harnessing its Brand for a More Sustainable Future bunq Becomes First European Issuer to Launch True Name™ Feature with Mastercard Across Europe Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Communities TechThePower, the French program to fight against gender stereotypes in Tech

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Social sustainability : we’re doubling down on our original financial inclusion to bring a total of 1 billion people into the digital financial system by 2025. Environment sustainability : Our first priority is to continuously improve the environmental impact of our offices, operations and supply chain, ensuring our products and solutions are built on an energy-efficient network and powered by renewable resources. We are also expanding our ambitions to engage partners around the world to create solutions that educate, inspire and incentivize consumers, merchants and businesses to fight climate change. Inclusive Growth : we achieved our goal to bring 500 million individuals into the digital economy by 2020 and raised the commitment to connect a total of 1 billion people and 50 million micro and small businesses worldwide by 2025 In France, we design inclusive programs with users, partners, NGOs and cities to help citizen overcome economic insecurity and develop inclusion among their citizens. • Financial education to prevent over-indebtedness • Future of work through upskilling to prevent unemployment with a focus on young people • Reduction of Gender bias in Tech Cities Mastercard is helping hundreds of cities digitize public transit to make our cities more resilient and safe for all travelers Enables inclusive access for all residents to city benefits with a platform for engagement. Proposes a curated marketplace of apps and services addressing urban challenges

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