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Building profitable, sustainable and global solutions for the collection, processing, and recycling of scrap tires by developing and implementing innovative technologies and business processes.

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According to the nightly news and leading scientists, the world we know is ending by the end of the century due to climate change, fossil fuel emissions and the industrialization of emerging markets. Proper disposal and recycling solutions for the increasingly number of goods produced yearly has become a global emergency. Landfills alone generate important volume of greenhouse gas. In the US alone, landfills released an estimated 148 million metrics tons of CO2. About 10-15% of endof-life tyres were still landfilled in 2017. Tyre Recycling Solutions believes that the current end-of-life tyres recycling solutions available are wasteful, inefficient or even non-existent, and most often not profitable without public funding. With half of the world’s used tyres stockpiled annually, valorisation through recycling remains marginal, limited by a lack of eco-viable and economically lucrative solutions – until now. Today there is NO leading supplier of recycled tire rubber product to the tire industry. The key ingredients to market leadership are: (1) Product Performance (2) Sustainable production process and end product (3) A global footprint to serve customers locally (4) A scalable business model
ELT are an unlimited resource: every year more than 1,5 billions ELT (End of life tyres) are generated. Carbon footprint balance: TyreXol™ CW has lower impact than the average of most polymers used in the market applications we are active in.
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