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The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab aims to accelerate disruptive projects that are in the prototype phase, to enable products and services to be industrialized and marketed on a large scale with positive impact.

Our positive impact

We have been working with more than 50 startups providing software solutions and a collaborative platform to improve the process of design, simulation and industrialisation reducing time to market and to avoid numerous physical prototypes.

Latest News and Highlights

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab is established physically in France, North America, India and soon in Germany and China, but our program is digital with a worldwide ecosystem. The startups can be based everywhere and in any industries / domains : Agriculture, Energy, Environement, Health, Biotech, IoT, Robotics, Food, Smart City and Mobility, Aeronautics and Space, ... leveraging AI, VR/AR, Machine Learning, ...

Additional information

Among startups that have been accelerated in our program: Biomodex, BioSerenity, Damae Medical, FEops, Dynocardia, NeuroServo, Inali, PadCare, Lucid Implant, BrainsightAI, PKvitality, Gyrolift, XSun, EEL Energy, Plastic Odyssey, XYT, Galaxy FCT, Dracula Technologies, Agreenculture, SparkCharge, Syos, Splashelec... For 2 years and more, we have been working with them providing technical mentoring at large scale from a global community of engineers with all 3D applications from design, simulation and manufacturing, business mentoring with networking improving your awareness and facilities giving access to Fablab and manufacturing on demand.

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Meet us at the Job Fair on Saturday 29th

Dassault Systèmes and most of the startups accelerated by the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab are hiring.

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