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Zei is a digital toolbox helping more than 2,700 companies in improving and communicating their environmental and societal impact.

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Our solution is innovative and impactful because

Zei is an innovative solution offering in one single digital platform the expertise of all CSR players: assessment, consulting, solutions, tools to involve employees, communication...
Zei has been especially designed to democratize CSR among companies, enabling them to understand their environmental and societal challenges and identify areas for improvement.


GreenTech Innovation - French Ministry of Environment
French IoT Impact & Technology (La Poste)
French Assurtech
Startup Challenge - Enedis
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14 octobre 2015 00:00

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250K - 1M

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Banking / Insurance
Communication / Marketing / Advertising
Fashion - Textile industry

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Do you want to join a young, dynamic, and committed startup? Zei is the first impact accelerator: a platform that helps companies become involved in CSR issues