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We have developed a unique solution that facilitate the build, the implementation and the monitoring of AI. Energy, Education, Healthcare concentrate the biggest concerns and are our first priority.

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Our solution is innovative and impactful because

We tackle the biggest pain of the sector: 85% of AI projects don't go in production. We scale 100% of our prototypes in production with fully explainable algorithms.
We create AI solutions that change things: a chatbot that helps people to reduce their consumption of energy by 10%. A tool that predict the production of electricity: -15% of wasted energy...
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1 janvier 2016 00:00

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250K - 1M

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At Craft ai, we market artificial intelligence solutions to help our customers finally harness the full potential of their data. In 2021, nearly 93% of the data collected by companies will never be used (source: IBM), at a time when AI is enabling major productivity gains at all levels: operational excellence, customer hyper-personalization, risk management, creation of innovative products, etc. But bringing an AI project into production is much more complicated than it seems. Among all AI projects launched by companies, 85% never go into production (source: Gartner), for a lot of reasons: access to data, lack of change management, scaling up ... At Craft ai, our cutting-edge Machine Learning technology (MLOps) allows us to build high value-added AI solutions while ensuring that they go to production in record time. We already support clients from all industries: Energy, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Financial Services, ... Our only objective: generate a fast return on investment. But beyond pure economic performance, we also want to be pioneers of ethical and responsible AI with explainable algorithms, respect of citizens' privacy and energy efficiency. Want to help us build a European champion of Artificial Intelligence? We're recruiting:

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