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Empowering 1.5 Million out-of-school-girls to go to School

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Door-to-door survey
Community Mobilization Meetings
Enrolment of out-of-school girls
Life skills training for adolescent girls
Formalization of School Management Committee and Training
Implementation of Learning curriculum
Implementation of Community Based Learning through Camp Vidya
Distribution of Relief Kits during the Pandemic

Our solution is innovative and impactful because

Educate Girls’ program model complements the existing government set-up to usher in a holistic systemic reform in the most rural and remote geographies.
By leveraging the government’s existing investment in schools, Educate Girls delivers measurable results to a large number of beneficiaries at an extremely low cost.


MIT Solve Challenge Finals in 2020
Selected as one of the 100 most inspiring innovations by HundrED
The Audacious Project in 2019
Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship in 2015
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5 décembre 2007 00:00

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> 10M

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Organization Background: Established in 2007, Educate Girls (a project of 'Foundation to Educate Girls Globally') is holistically tackling issues at the root cause of gender inequality in India's education system that has helped to ensure over 90% enrolment and higher attendance as well as improved school infrastructure, quality of education and learning outcomes for all girls. Our comprehensive model helps communities assess their school situation, initiate action plans and empowers them to sustain positive results at the lowest cost. Educate Girls believes that if girls in the most backward gender gap districts are educated now, they will have the potential to enter the formal economy, gain employment and lift their families out of poverty. By leveraging the government's existing investment in schools, Educate Girls delivers measurable results to a large number of beneficiaries and avoids duplication or parallel delivery of services. Because of the sustainability and scalability of the model, Educate Girls has grown from a 500-school pilot project in the Pali district of Rajasthan to now serving thousands of schools, reaching millions of children in some of India's most remote areas. The non-governmental organization has a management and outreach office in Mumbai and operations in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and is committed to launching interventions in multiple new geographies across India over the coming years. For further details about job openings please visit Our Values: Gender Equality Being able to treat people equally irrespective of gender Integrity Possess the ability to “know and do” what is right Excellence Being outstanding or extremely good, striving to lead by performance excellence Collaboration Working effectively and inclusively with a range of people both within and outside of the organization Empathy Being able to understand and share the feelings of another and use that understanding to guide our actions Our Competencies Strategic Thinking – Think big yet act focused Taking Ownership – Feel responsible & accountable Analytical Thinking – Stay true to your data Developing Talent – Growing and taking people together Ensuring Alignment – Think differently but work together