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CertiDeal is the specialist in the sale of refurbished smartphones (B2B/B2C). Leader in France, our mission is to promote the circular economy of smartphones whose production is an environmental disaster. By giving them a second life, we make them accessible to all thanks to prices up to 70% cheaper than new ones and this in the long term by accompanying all our products with a 24 months warranty.

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Circular Economy
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Our solution is innovative and impactful because

Unlike our competitors, our phones are 100% tested and repaired in-house. As we are the only ones involved in the refurbishment chain of our smartphones, we can say with certainty that they have not been around the world three times before arriving at our customers' homes. This also allows us to be sure of our repairs and therefore to offer the same guarantee as new: 24 months.
Our priority: Supporting more sustainable consumption patterns. In 2020, we sold almost 100,000 refurbished smartphones, which means we saved 6,409,450 tonnes of CO2. (For example, the production of an iPhone X results in 79 kg of CO2 emissions).
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