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We believe in small. We help SMEs grow and prosper in Europe, promoting innovation, supporting employment and improving the economy. We enhance SMEs access to finance by developing and offering targeted financial products to our intermediaries (banks, guarantee and leasing companies, micro-credit providers and private equity funds).

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One of our areas of focus is inclusive finance and social impact, where we are determined to ‘make money care more’. This includes equity investments in funds supporting social businesses with an impact objective, and other instruments as guarantees facilities for social and micro-entrepreneurs.

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We also contribute to developing Europe’s human capital and rich cultural heritage through dedicated initiatives that support students and learners in improving their skillsets, and businesses active in the cultural and creative sectors. We want to tackle the myth that an enterprise can either be socially responsible or profitable. In a future-focussed world it can – and must – be both.

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We design and deploy financial instruments, which enable banks and funds (financial intermediaries) to better serve SMEs (we do not invest or lend directly, we are not a bank). As a result, we attract more private capital into the SME space, we kick-start new financing markets and ecosystems, and ultimately make more financing available to SMEs across the EU and associated countries. We have 12.9 billion€ of transactions signed across the EU and associated countries in 2020.

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