ChangeNOW 2021


Claire Viano


General Manager France & Benelux


Claire Viano is the Managing Director France-Benelux of Melvita, a French brand with international standing, and pioneer of CommitedSkincare From 2009, Melvita has been part of the L’Occitane Group, and at the heart of its green ambitions. With more than 14 years experience in the world of cosmetics, Claire Viano joined the L'Occitane group in 2013, where she supports the development of the Melvita brand, promoting its pioneering vision for positive impact. She took the role of France-Benelux General Manager in 2019, a position created by the L’Occitane group to further support its growth and leadership in the brand's country of origin. Founded in 1983 in the Ardèche in France, Melvita was born from its founder’s heartfelt vision to reconcile people and Nature. A front runner in beauty’s organic revolution, Melvita captures the purity of Nature in formulas that combine efficacy and pleasure and that are good to the health and to the planet. The brand is at the forefront of uncompromising formulations, clean, without risk to health or the environment. At a time when consumer expectations are heightened with regards to preserving the planet and all its life forms, Claire Viano is committed to furthering Melvita's advanced place in terms of responsible consumption. Because the collective challenge must go beyond “organic” to assure a truly positive impact on the equilibrium between humanity and nature, Melvita and its communities have been engaged from the start for a SustainOrganicTM attitude. The SustainOrganicTM approach combines organic certification with all the other markers of sustainability - local production, a fair approach to producers and partners, transparency and traceability, a commitment to non-profit... Melvita is part of a process of continuous improvement, in developing RegenerativeOrganicTM care, aiming to contribute to the restoration of natural and human ecosystems. Claire Viano is also a member of the Board of Directors of Cosmebio, a French organisation that brings together nearly 500 organic cosmetics brands. She’s elaborating the missions and commitments that aim to advance member brands on the path of positive impact. With Melvita, Claire also participates in SC4Good (Supply Chain For Good), whose aim as part of a Test & Learn approach, is to improve the sustainability of supply chains, in particular with regards to e-commerce delivery. “The scope of the ecological and social challenge that we are collectively confronted with necessitates commitment and humility in equal measure,” said Claire Viano. “Creating alignment between the business models of companies with their need for sustainability and regeneration is a long journey: essential in this is the commitment and contribution of each of us. We are all part of the success of an ecological transition: beyond a technical or sectoral approach, organic is well and truly a global, sustainable way of life, that belongs to us all, to cultivate where possible, daily."

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