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Delphy Amarat

Capgemini Invent



Delphy Amarat begun her professional career with Capgemini Invent and has worked in the Supply Chain Operations capability unit over the last ten years. As a Director of Intelligent & Sustainable Operations capability, she leads a team of over 150 consultants focused on Supply Chain and Smart Plant initiatives. Intelligent & Sustainable Operations will disrupt the way we operate our supply chains and manufacturing. This is a strong marker that brings us into a new world of digital transformation. We enable a desirable future by harnessing the power of technology and data, in all industries. Delphy has been helping global enterprises across Distribution & Last Miles, Luxury & Outstanding Product industries in successful digital transformation of their supply chain. With a higher customization and constantly changing customer needs, new services and new regulations, the transparency and sustainability is on top of organizations’ agenda and will continue to do so over the coming years. She believes that flow traceability will be a key pillar to address these new requirements and a way to enrich the product with data throughout its life cycle. Companies can tell the world the story of their product and manufacturing process. Armed with her industry knowledge and her strategic vision, she is passionate about helping her customers comply with this new paradox : Clean, growth and efficiency while transforming into a more sustainable enterprise. Delphy is a member of the “Sustainable and Environmental Transformation” (S&ET) committee of Capgemini Invent. Passionate about Rythmic Gymnastic and CrossFit, Delphy is always on the ground with her clients and her teams. She puts people and the values ​​of her sport at the heart of her missions. Delphy is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité / Supelec (2006 - 2010).

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