ChangeNOW 2021


Frédéric Thomas


Directeur de Recherche/ Professor


Pr Frédéric Thomas (50 years old, Directeur de Recherches CNRS) has directed 3 research groups over the past 20 years. He has published more than 300 articles in international peer reviewed journals (1995-present), including Nature, Nature Communications, Nature Ecology and Evolution, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Trends in Parasitology, Evolution, Ecology Letters, Ecology, American Naturalist, Proceedings of the Royal Society, Plos pathogens, Plos Biology, BMC Cancer and Proteomics… and also edited 12 books (two at Oxford University Press, and BIOLOGIE EVOLUTIVE which is now the French reference book in Evolutionary biology). He wrote two books. His H- index is 46. Dr Frédéric Thomas has been working on projects relating to evolution and cancer since July 2010, and has since published more than 70 articles on this topic. He founded with Benjamin Roche in 2012 the CREEC in Montpellier (, and also edited with him and Beata Ujvari in 2017 Ecology and Evolution of Cancer (Elsevier). In 2016 he initiated with Beata Ujvari (Deakin University Australia) and Rodrigo Hamede (University of Tasmania) a Laboratoire International Associé, mainly to work on transmissible cancers in Tasmanian Devils. Dr Frédéric Thomas obtained in 2012 the CNRS silver medal for excellence in research, the Award of Outstanding Research by Deakin University in 2018, and this year the Award from the French Ministère “Le Gout des Sciences”


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