ChangeNOW 2021


Olivier Maurel

Sync & Think



Olivier has been working for fifteen years through innovative perspectives (business, technological, social, environmental, across many sectors). He notably led several transformation programs at Danone (danone.communities & Danone for Entrepreneurs) before assuming the leading role of open innovation director to develop ecosystemic approaches and shared governance. He decided to set up his own activities in 2016 in order to better tackle the current economic complexity and better support the changes in organizations like those of their leaders. The integration of ecological issues is at the heart of his approach: he works for this with a network of pioneers, in particular in connection with the Schumacher College & Satish Kumar. In the spirit of "free companies and managers", he mobilizes his experience in collective intelligence consulting activities (Sync & Think) and the organization of resourcing seminars in the countryside (


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