ChangeNOW 2021


William Aucant

Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat



I am a architect and an urban planner. I am currently preparing a PhD in Architecture on "The light cities" a concept wishing to reveal conditions which would simplify the daily life of the inhabitants in the city. From my experiences in Paris (fr), Rotterdam (nl) and Berlin (de), I have developed a practice of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture enriched by a European culture. After several years abroad and the expansion of the family, we have decided to settle and work in Nantes, a city full of promises in terms of its social and ecological development for decades to come. In 2019, I was drawn to participate in the Citizen's Climate Convention (Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat). I took part in the work of the "Housing" thematic group, particularly on issues of thermal renovation of buildings and limits to urban sprawl. I was vice-president of the association "les 150" when it was created. I am now a simple member but continue to actively defend the work of the convention as a facilitator of housing-related issues and the 149 mesures from our report. During this new experience of participatory democracy, I aspire to become one of the spokespersons for the climate issue. I have organized meetings called “clim’apero” to talk directly and locally about the climate and I would like to continue to pass on my point of view and experiences on the subject in the next 10 years. I'm currently on a electoral list for the next france regional elections in the Pays de la Loire. My partner and I have two children and we make almost all of our journeys by train and bicycle with a constant concern for reducing our carbon footprint. As such, I have definitely given up on taking the plane and I am looking to eat as locally as possible.


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