ChangeNOW 2021


Maeva Bessis


Founder & CEO


After seven years working in fashion, Maeva considered moving into a different sector altogether: excess inventory, excess waste, fast fashion overdose… In the end, Maeva ended up making an even more radical decision: changing the fashion industry from the inside, by attempting to support it throughout its transition towards sustainability. Alongside the founders of L’Exception, the Parisian concept store of which she was the manager from 2013 to 2019, Maeva answered a call for projects launched by the Mayor of Paris for the creation of a space dedicated to ethical fashion. A call for projects which she won in early 2019 with the following promise: ‘To unite all persons of good will in one same space and make ethical fashion sexy’. And because changing the world for the better is a real uphill battle, this new space will be (fittingly) located inside LA CASERNE, a former fire station in Paris’ 10th district. The approximately 4000 square meters which make up La Caserne will welcome 25 innovative and eco-committed brands, and include a fablab, a concept store and a rooftop bar. Upon its grand opening in june 2021, LA CASERNE will constitute a space for all to gather, showcase and, especially, innovate, because according to Maeva “overhauling the fashion industry will necessarily entail innovation”.


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