ChangeNOW 2021


Carmen Santana




Carmen Santana, is Chilean soul, French spirit, and Catalan heart. Of Chilean origin, the architect Carmen Santana founded in 2001 in Barcelona, with Marc Chalamanch and Miquel Lacasta, Archikubik, a Franco-Catalan ecosystem of architecture, urban planning and landscape, formed by an international and transdisciplinary team. Its urban and architectural work process is framed in the exploration of synergies and exchanges between the public space (PS) and the private participatory space (PPS). Its purpose is to reformulate our cities and territories as places of solidarity, learning, debate, diversity, respect and exchange. Archikubik conceives the projects as a possibility to give the inhabitants the possibility to become supportive and sensitive eco-citizens within the communities, to make public space and landscape an opportunity to reformulate our territories and our cities in the age of social networks. The search for it focuses on a broad interpretation of the idea of "green" as a creative tool, taking it as a structuring infrastructure of the territory, with the aim of creating an open and sensitive organoleptic environment. The productive landscape as a horizon of reflection. Moving forward in a process of networked urban acupuncture, all projects and all scales constitute an opportunity to implement strategies and tactics to go beyond the conventional codes of the past century's industrial world. The exploration of new typologies to address the transformations of society are an integral part of the firm's DNA code. In 2014, Carmen Santana was named Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Nominated for the 15th Prize for Contemporary Architecture of the European Union (Mies van der Rohe Prize 2017) for the Reversible Parquing Saint-Roch in Montpellier; presence, with the Barcelona Rei Martí water tank project in the Spanish Pavilion of the Biennale di Venezia 2017, which obtained the Golden Lion of this edition. 2019, Lecture at the Official College of Architects of Andorra conference, "Environmental, Sensitive and Social High Quality, ", Panel for the AMO 2021 Award, Cluster Eaux Milieux Sols Paris IDF (CEMS) Member.


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