ChangeNOW 2021


Matthieu Guesné




Matthieu GUESNE is the founder and the director of Lhyfe, producer and supplier of clean hydrogen. Lhyfe comes Lhyfe started with the realization that today’s model is obsolete – Mankind can no longer put itself at the center of the world and consider the Planet merely as an asset at its disposal. At Lhyfe we believe that we can cover our energy needs by joining forces with Nature rather than controlling it. We believe in the shift from a “predator-prey” model to one where Man does its bit. Changing the way we do things – especially how we produce energy – is the only way to offer a more sustainable ecosystem for our children. Before founding Lhyfe in 2017, Matthieu GUESNE was the head of CEA research center dedicated to marine energies, in Nantes, FRANCE (CEA is a French public research organization which was nominated last year by Thomson-Reuters “the world most innovative public research center”, also accountable for 40 % of the French patents on hydrogen technology). Matthieu drived a €45 million investment plan for which he secured the funding. On top of this investment plan, Matthieu managed the contracting team that has signed €34 million of R&D partnerships


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