ChangeNOW 2021


Greg Evans


Executive Director


Greg Evans is AustralAsean's executive director. Greg describes himself as a "serial entrepreneur." His business career spans over thirty years. Greg has served on many boards including Panthers (Australia’s largest Licensed Club), the University of Western Sydney, and Western Sydney TAFE. He also served for nine years as a Penrith City Councillor. His contribution to the states economic development was recognised by the NSW State Government when he was appointed by the Minister for Regional Development, to the Greater Western Sydney Economic Development Board for consecutive terms. ​ Greg is an accomplished networker and a proficient verbal and non-verbal communicator, and a highly proficient negotiator. Greg speaks English, Thai, Lao, and a little Malay and Indonesian.  He has broad experience in dealing with both commercial and public sector boards, and during his many years in public life, he has networked with politicians and community and business leaders, in both Australia and abroad.


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