ChangeNOW 2021


Charles Sirot

The Climate Collage & Biodiversity Collage / Quantis

Co-founder / Senior Consultant


After 5 years developing successful startups, then co-creating the NGO the Climate Collage & the creation of the Biodiversity Collage. The Climate Collage is a collaborative workshop to better understand the IPCC reports, already 160 000 players in the world thanks to 6000 facilitators. The Biodiversity Collage is the same concept but on the IPBES report, already 5000 players in the world and the same ambition because climate & biodiversity are both sides of the same coin ! Recently, Charles joined Quantis, a leading sustainability consulting firm known for its science-driven approach for developing innovative sustainability strategies and solutions. As a senior consultant, he guides companies in their transformation to become sustainable businesses with metrics like Life Cycle Assessment & Corporate footprint, tools, strategies and communications.


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