ChangeNOW 2021


Lourens Boot


Co-founder & CEO


My personal mission is to leverage technology and biomimicry to overcome today's environmental challenges I am CEO and co-founder of Sponsh. We use nature-inspired nano-materials to irrigate trees with water from air. Allowing us to regreen the planet with water from air. My past: With a cum laude MSc Engineering degree, I started with an international career in the oil and gas industry. However, after a while I did not like what I saw, I decided to quit and dedicate my time and energy only to CleanTech. I became Head of Technology of The Ocean Cleanup. I helped grow the company from 8 to 50 people and changed the concept from a fixed system to a mobile version. Then I worked as Interim CEO at Seabin Project, before travelling several months with my family in a camper through Spain and Portugal. Despite the massive droughts during the trip, I realised how much water the atmosphere contains. Inspired by how nature uses water from air to survive in dry regions, I founded Sponsh together with dr Catarina Esteves.


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