ChangeNOW 2021

Gamifying Circular Design: Test the Impact of your Decisions to Build Sustainable Solutions

May 28, 2021 | 7:00 AM - 7:45 AM


Tech for change


During this 45-minute session, you will fill the role of the final user of a circular system—exploring and choosing between product features with the aim of repairing and reusing. Our ecosystems are fragile and limited. If we want sustainable growth to happen, we need to learn how to repair and reuse without throwing away. Across the planet, you can find individuals and organisations that are already highly motivated to make the world a better place, but struggle to find the frameworks, methods and toolkits to take action. This is where circular design comes into play—a paradigm that encourages adopting new habits, and making sure users have access to specific design solutions to make a positive difference. Making a positive impact is a complex problem. But you’ll learn through this gamified workshop the solutions we have in our hands to make a difference. Join us, and explore how circular decisions can have decisive impact on a product design! This workshop will be introduced by Benoît Varin, an expert in circular economy and co-founder of Recommerce, a circular-based company offering refurbished high-tech products; and facilitated by experienced UX Designers from PALO IT offices around the world, Adela Ordonez, Mark Boem, Jordan Corriton and Amelia Stone.


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