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Quadia is a pioneer in impact investing (2010), financing innovative companies which strengthen the transition towards a regenerative economy and a one-planet world.

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Quadia is currently adhering to BCorp and is a member of Zero Waste Switzerland. Nonetheless, our biggest contribution comes from the 30+ companies we invest in and contribute to their impact creation, such as the recent positive carbon footprint publication of Les CĂ´teaux Nantais.

Latest News and Highlights

Quadia invests in SOS Accessoires; Quadia launches its dedicated impact fund REGENERO; Quadia invests in MiiMOSA; Aymeric Jung & Guillaume Taylor in market magazine; Quadia invests in Patatam; Guillaume Taylor on ASG impact panel; Quadia invests in NEAG; Aymeric Jung in Paris Match...

Additional information

QUADIA - CAPITAL REGENERATED 1. Our universe: impact investing Impact investing is our soil, the focal point of our actions. By investing in financially and ecologically excelling companies, impact investing is for us the most efficient tool to drive the transition to a new economy. 2. Our vision: regenerative economy Our vision is that of a regenerative bio inspired economy, which enables systems to operate within the means of one planet, which prioritizes local, circular, collaborative, and functional models. 3a. Our offer to investors: Fullfilment through mandates, funds or direct investments, our strategy focuses on late-stage venture & early-stage growth capital participations in exclusive European SMEs. 3b. Our offer to investees: We provide active financial capital enabling our investees to maintain, during their growth phase, key strategic social and environmental impacts. 4. Further added values: Strong experience in finance, private equity, sustainability drivers, pioneer in impact investing in Europe (2010!), authentic commitments.

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