ChangeNOW 2021

Inclusion & Education
South Africa


A career guidance and development program. We aim to develop high potential learners in previously disadvantaged areas by providing them with career decision making tools.

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Our solution is innovative and impactful because

Our content is accredited through Munster Business School. Our learners are exposed to young professionals through our YAT mentorship programme. Our YAT Career dictionary is a useful tool for change.
20 Learners have social entrepreneurial skills & understand SDG Goals & 450 learners have been exposed to new careers outside of Law, Engineer, Medicine and Accounting
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April 1, 2019 12:00 AM

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0 - 50K

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South Africa

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Banking / Insurance
IT and telecom

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Young Aspiring Thinkers is a nonprofit organisation that provides career development for high school learners in previously disadvantaged areas.