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ETRE schools re-engage and train young people in green and greening jobs.

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In ETRE schools we learn by doing !
Personalised training programs in order to adapt our offer to everyone's needs
Re-engaging vulnerable youth
Prequalification training in green and greening jobs
A network of schools that keeps developing !
Training today for the skills of tomorrow

Our solution is innovative and impactful because

By training youth in difficulty in green and greening jobs our schools turn two problematic social dynamics - school dropout rates and the ecological crisis - into one innovative solution.
We help disadvantaged young people integrate the job market while also turning them into actors of change ! 76 % of participants return to training or employment and 80 % become ecological citizens.


La Fondation la France S'Engage
Trophée de l'Economie Sociale et Solidaire

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February 1, 2017 12:00 AM

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Domestic Growth

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250K - 1M

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2- Europe

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Meet us at the Job Fair on Saturday 29th

As a social franchise, we are always looking for new project carriers. The schools of ecological transition have guided hundreds of students towards their full potential since 2017. We are convinced that a sustainability transition can only be successful if it integrates everyone, especially the most vulnerable of us ! Using green skills and jobs as a re-engagement tool for young disadvantaged people, we embark everyone on the sustainability train while also allowing our students to sustainably integrate into employment. ETRE schools are not only an alternative education opportunity for young people with difficulty in their educational background, but also offer an excellent social franchise opportunity, now expanding all over Europe. Franchise partners get the opportunity to own a business that they not only make a living from but feel proud to be a part of. Partners feel confident knowing that training in green and greening jobs is a growing market, and ETRE’s niche is at the forefront of where that market is going. We set ourselves apart from other training facilities by our unique focus on youth in difficulty and by training them in green and greening jobs. We allow our participants to gain professional skills that surpasses those of conventional students. On top of learning the core competencies of a trade, ETRE students also acquire green skills that allow them to reduce the ecological footprint of their profession. As a ETRE franchisee you benefit from : - an excellent team of incubation and training professionals that support you all along the creation process - the sharing of considerable know-how through a unique combination personalised coaching, collective trainings and a formalised “recipe” to having an impact - a national and international network of project carriers providing support, exchange and the sharing of good practices - the mutualisation of tools such as management, communication and evaluation tools, training programmes or the pooling of purchases. If you are interested in becoming a member of our ETRE community, look for us at our booth or send an email to We are looking forward to meeting you !


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