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Greenfib helps companies to get rid of oil-based plastics in their products, thanks to a 100% biobased & very resistant material, adapted to durable, reusable, or refilable products.

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Our solution is innovative and impactful because

Greenfib is the 1st material manufacturer that helps its clients developing both profitable & ecological products.
Greenfib emits twice less C02 than oil-based plastics with similar technical properties (PA, PC...).
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Business Figures

Creation Date

January 27, 2018 12:00 AM

Development Stage

Domestic Growth

Annual Turnover / Revenue (€)

250K - 1M

We are operating in

2- Europe

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Business Figures

Targeted Regions


Looking for

BtoB Customers

Suppliers needs in

Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals

Customers needs in

Food industry
IT and telecom
Sport / Leisure - Tourism

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