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Dabchy is a localized fashion marketplace (a website and a mobile app) that allows women to revamp their wardrobes by buying and selling their used clothing online.

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Circular Economy
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Our solution is innovative and impactful because

The solution is Social/ Friendly, Innovative, and Reliable: We are securing the whole process online, offering a free return, a door-to-door delivery system, and most of all we have a powerful community-driven by the same passion for fashion and sustainability.
The ultimate goal is to avoid the waste of textiles in Africa and the Arab world by proposing a solution that makes it possible to value unused clothing. This vision stems from our belief that we can create a new generation of doers, and conscious consumers leading a revolution in the retail market.
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January 15, 2016 12:00 AM

Annual Turnover / Revenue (€)

50 - 250K

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BtoB Customers
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IT and telecom
Logistics / Transport

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Fashion - Textile industry

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