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‘“Clarins makes life more beautiful” has been our brand signature for many years. It’s fitting because it signifies that for Clarins, beauty is above all a source of generosity, well-being and self-confidence. That’s what we want to give to our clients and to the society we live in. We have added the idea of “Passing on a more beautiful planet”. The meaning we wish to convey is that it’s not enough to simply correct or reduce our impact. We have to be more ambitious and proactive in order to hand future generations a more beautiful world. It’s a very noble goal, an ambition and ideal that pushes us to move forward, to progress, to do more and to enjoy doing so.’ Virginie Courtin Clarins

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Beyond the convictions and actions that embody it, Clarins commits to doing more. The group has established a road map that sets up a series of quantitative, time-based commitments for each of the pillars associated with its two CSR strands - caring for people, caring for the planet.

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At Clarins, everything is about transmission. The transmission of a business model, transmission amongst our clients, who, from mother to daughter, honor us with their trust, and the transmission of a more beautiful planet to future generations. Because all of our products are dependent on plants, we are conscious of how much we owe to mankind and to nature. We have always known that we have a responsibility to protecting and taking care of them. This is the inspiration behind our CSR promise: "MAKING LIFE MORE BEAUTIFUL, PASSING ON A MORE BEAUTIFUL PLANET."

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