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We are equipping rural marginalized and under-funded schools and hospitals with solar cooking boilers replacing their expensive firewood boilers saving them 100% cooking costs.

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Our technology uses special solar collectors which have an 83% energy conversion efficiency compared to solar heating systems of 23% efficiency. This allows us to generate enough thermal energy for heavy commercial users like schools and factories-which are the best consumers of firewood. Our stoves eliminates the use of firewood by 100% since we have a repurposed oil storage tank that stores the heat energy until need arises unlike the convention boilers that rely 100% on firewood and thus without technology we shall enable schools to cut their cooking cost by $10,000 per year. Our technology comprises of thermosiphon tubes which we have patented that have been engineered in a special way to transfer heat energy from the solar collectors to the oil tank and to the cooking points with minimal heat loss-this is the backbone of our innovation that is giving us an edge as we have cracked down how to transport and store thermal energy. Lastly the stove is fitted with sensors that relay information to the cooks and operators on any leakages, amount of energy converted, amount of energy used, energy deficit, time to cook ad even emission levels and thus generating crucial energy data sets.
23 rural schools in Nyamira are now using our solar stoves which have enabled them to save $9920 per year per school. With these, more than 25,100 students have been able to access meals in schools and reduced the school dropout rates in these schools by 75%. The money the school saves has been used to build 6 libraries, 13 computer labs and directed towards improving the education of the students. We have supported 12 stove fabricators and created 36 job opportunities to women and youths. We have saved 275,250 tons of trees from being converted into firewood to provide energy in these kitchens and these has resulted to a reduction of 30 tonnes CO2e emissions PER SCHOOL.
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April 15, 2016 12:00 AM

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