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1) Energy certificate collection for Scope 2 reporting: calculate your location-based emissions and market-based emissions 2) Basic data for credible Scope 2 reporting: Select the energy plant that fits your sustainability profile, trace the energy supply directly from origin and gain an enhanced proof of impact of your green energy tariffs. Match the energy consumption and production profiles on an hourly basis (24/7).

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Our solution is innovative and impactful because

REspring, the software solution offered by FlexiDAO, is able to automise the collection of Renewable Energy Certificates (called in different ways around the world). Doing so, it erase communication delays and reduces human error in data aggregation. Ultimately, REspring presents all the data resulting from renewable energy procurement efforts with its intuitive executive dashboard, ready to be used to engage with your audience through inspiring marketing campaigns and to inform and educate stakeholders and shareholders. REspring is also capable to provide what all the the institutions and BigTech companies are currently advocating: 24/7 matching between energy consumed and renewable energy sourced with an hourly granularity. All this is achieved integrating the blockchain technology as a digital notary, in order to decrease human error, increase transparency and boost the energy transition.
REspring by FlexiDAO is currently tracking 180 assets in 9 countries, which sums up 5+ TWh of renewable energy, which is roughly the same amount of energy consumed by 2 million of European households.
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