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The Planetary Computer will be a massive treasure trove of data about every aspect of the environment connected to a machine learning platform. It will help scientists, conservationists, governments, and others around the world monitor, model, and manage the planet’s natural resources. It is a platform on Azure that uses the architecture of the information age – data, compute, algorithms, application programming interfaces, and end-user applications – to accelerate a more environmentally sustainable future. The science is clear that we need to do a better job at protecting nature and managing the planet’s natural resources, but we don’t have all the information we need to make the best decisions. The Planetary Computer will help society to better assess, protect and restore the planet’s health. It will do this by providing access to data and tools that enable a more sustained, integrated view of the global environment which will help us to understand what is happening on the planet and to enable smart and targeted decision making. Technology can help us do environmental assessments faster, cheaper, and – for the first time – operate at a truly global scale. It also makes those assessments available to anyone, from a small conservation group working at a hyperlocal level to researcher or decision maker working at a planetary level. How will the Planetary Computer work? We will use the architecture of the information age – data, compute, algorithms, application programming interfaces – to empower users to create end-user applications that will revolutionize how we monitor, manage, and govern the global environment. We believe this will help to accelerate the world to a more environmentally sustainable future. This platform will have trillions of datapoints about every aspect of the environment available on the cloud. Currently, in partnership with Esri, we are developing geospatial solutions that are the foundation of the Planetary Computer.

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Since we announced our commitment to the Planetary Computer, we have on-boarded over 10 petabytes of environmental science data from dozens of sources.

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