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INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society
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Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society is at the forefront of aligning INSEAD with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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At the Hoffmann Institute, a large part of our efforts consist of leveraging upon this research to inform business world efforts and address three main clusters of SDGs: Sustainable Models, Inclusion and Wellbeing

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Major Academic Partner of ChangeNOW Summit for the 3rd year in a row

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We are an INSEAD institute exploring the intersection of business and society. The challenges of our times are unprecedented, and the decisions made by leaders today determine the future. Our aim is to equip them to make decisions in ways that deliver positive outcomes for business, communities, people and our planet in line with globally agreed sustainability goals. The UN Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, offer a cohesive and centralised framework for discussing a new development model that is good for all people and the planet. Over the past year we have been working to align INSEAD more closely with the SDGs as more and more business leaders talk about the SDGs and use the 17 global goals to account for their contributions to society. We need clarity regarding what the SDGs mean for strategies, operations and business models. This is an area where INSEAD makes a difference by shaping the discussion and promoting action. Our focus is on equipping leaders to be smart about the SDGs, with the Hoffmann Institute striving to integrate sustainability across all our activities and mobilize all our stakeholders for impact.

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