ChangeNOW 2021


In partnership with FIPADOC, the Biarritz International Documentary Film Festival, we are proud to launch a new mentoring program, accompanying 3 projects from the FIPADOC IMPACT LAB in the elaboration of new strategies for their impact campaign. 

ChangeNOW is a unique place to meet thousands of changemakers. Producers and directors will be able to contact committed entrepreneurs, engineers, philanthropists, NGOs, foundations and other organizations. 

Discover the 3 projects and contact the producers if you are interested in supporting them. 

Une jeunesse Rom / The Pathfinders

Director : Déborah Da Silva 
Producer : Déborah Da Silva 

Synopsis : This is one of the Republic’s taboos. Across France, thousands of Roma children live in slums and do not have access to school. To get out of this situation, several young people have decided to act. A fight for emancipation that will take them to the steps of the National Assembly. 

Retour à l ‘Âge de glace, L’hypothèse de Zimov / Back to the Ice Age, The Zimov Hypothesis

Director : Denis Sneguirev 
Producer : Arturo Moi, 13 Productions, Take Five, Ethnofund 

Synopsis : In Siberia, two Russian scientists, a father and a son, are conducting a unique scientific and human experiment to prevent a climate disaster. Permafrost is thawing and it could release millions of tons of methane in the atmosphere. A major reintroduction of large herbivores is the only nature based solution. This theory is called 'the Zimov Hypothesis'.

Les délivrés / The freed delivery

Director : Thomas Grandremy 
Producer : Jonathan Slimack 

Synopsis : Three bicycle couriers deliver meals for multinational companies. Seduced by the flexibility of these new jobs, they quickly became disillusioned by working conditions. Couriers decided to unite and claim nonexistence of social rights. This social struggle awakens them politically to change the law.