ChangeNOW 2021

Login and access

What are the recommended browsers to access the platform? 
For optimal browsing, we recommend using a computer, and the Chrome browser. Some browsers may take longer to display content.

How do I register for Change NOW? 
To register for the summit, you need to sign up: There are several types of tickets available, all of which give you access to the conferences, the business and investor passes provide you with access to the networking. 

I don't remember my password? 
There is a procedure for forgotten passwords. A secret code will be sent to the email address you used for your registration, and it will allow you to reset your account.

I forgot my password 5 times. 
For security reasons, your account will be inaccessible for 5 minutes. At the end of these 5 minutes, it is advised to carry out a forgotten password procedure.

I am not allowed to see a page? 
Some content is restricted to Business Passes and Investor Passes, so check your ticket to make sure you can access the different areas of ChangeNOW. 
You can also upgrade your pass by clicking here: Upgrade my ticket 

What is the difference between the three types of tickets offered? 
The Discovery Pass gives you access to the videos and exhibitors of the world expo (without networking) + film festival, + job fair (Saturday 29th May).

The Business Pass gives you access to the videos, the exhibitors of the world expo + film festival + job fair (Saturday 29th May) + networking + business data about exhibitors, pitchers, and innovators + workshops and masterclasses. 

The Investor Pass gives you access to videos, exhibitors of the world expo + film festival + job fair (Saturday, May 29) + networking + business data about exhibitors, pitchers, and innovators + workshops and masterclasses + dedicated program "finance the change" + reverse pitch session followed by networking with LPs (Thursday, May 27) + Dealflow: catalog of the solution enriched with figures and fundraising filters + Daily networking between investors and startups. 

On which time zone is the event based on? 
The event starts at 9:00 AM (CEST) - Thursday May 27 and is based on the Central European Summer Time (CEST). 

 I have a payment issue. My credit card doesn’t work. 
 According to our partner, the purchase was unsuccessful because the 3D secure did not work. Your account has not been debited. The reasons can be the following: - Time limit exceeded. - Your browser encounters some problem, you can try with another one like chrome or firefox. 

Program / Content

Is there a translation for the videos? 
 A subtitled translation in English and French is available on the replays, a few hours after the conference. The language of the subtitle can be changed directly by clicking on the icon "parameter", then "subtitles". 

Do you have subtitles for deafs or partially deafs? 
The conferences are accessible with subtitles a few hours after the session.

 How do I add a session to my personal agenda?
In the program tab, you can find all the conferences of the summit. At the top right of each thumbnail, there is a save icon. The session will be automatically added to your personal agenda. 

How do I find the sessions in my personal agenda?
 In your personal space, accessible at the top right of the screen, you can find your personal agenda.
I would like to attend the conference of a particular speaker, but I don't know the name of the conference? 
All speakers are visible in the speaker’s tab: When you open a speaker's file, you will find all the sessions they are participating in. 

 I no longer wish to attend a conference. 
In your personal space, accessible at the top right of the screen, you can find your personal agenda and delete the sessions that no longer interest you. 

I missed the session I wanted to attend, what should I do? Will the event be recorded? If yes, which type of pass gives access to the recordings? 
There is a replay that will be available on the website during 4 monthes after the event. The discovery pass allows the replay. 

Discovery Pass

I would like to send a message to an exhibitor or a company, how can I contact them ?
Networking is reserved for Business Pass or NGO & Academic Pass ticket holders. To access it, go to your personal SwapCard space. You will be able to modify your networking profile, access the directory of participants and contact them to make an appointment online or on site.

 Ticketing link: Link to networking platform:

I want to participate in the networking between participants, how can I proceed ?
The networking is reserved for holders of Business Pass or NGO and Academic Pass tickets. Book your pass here:

An email will then be sent to you to create your networking space on our partner platform Swapcard.

Is there a rate for job seekers ?
There is a free digital pass to enjoy the online conferences: the "Digital Discovery Pass". This year, ChangeNOW will also make available free of charge a hundred passes, giving access to the World Expo.

To fill out the application form for one of these passes, go here: 

Business pass and Investor pass

I can't login? 
If you have forgotten your login details, a forgotten password procedure will allow you to identify yourself and change your password. 

I have not received the email allowing me to access my Business Pass account?
I can contact: to get help with my login from 8am to 7pm. Be sure to check your spam. Please specify your ticket in the subject line

Can I appear in the directory if I have taken a business pass? 
The directory lists the exhibiting companies, pitches and partners of the event, which have been applied for and selected in the months preceding the event. As a Business Pass or Investor Pass, you can be part of the recommendations of contacts to other BtoB participants, in their personal space > my networking contacts. To do so, you need to activate networking and fill in your profile, so that matchmaking can take place

How do I network on Change NOW? 
There are several ways to network on Change NOW. 

1. You can meet live at the networking tables of World Expo innovators and some of our partners. You can access them either through their detail sheet, on "MEET US LIVE" or through the networking tab. 
2. You can propose Business Meetings to the companies you are interested in, by going to their detailed sheet and selecting the time slot that suits you. 
3. You can contact other participants through their contact recommendations. 
All networking features are available here: 

I want to contact a specific company. 
In order to contact one of our exhibiting partners, you need to go to its detail page accessible from the directory: 
You can : 
Propose a business meeting according to the available slots. 
Join a networking table (up to 10 participants). 

I have a Business Pass but I can't access the networking? 
Networking must be activated in the personal space, go to: my profile / my networking profile And activate the "I participate in networking" checkbox. 

How do I join a networking table after a pitch? 
On the left side of the screen where the pitch is broadcasted, as soon as the end of the session approaches, the "interactivity" tab will suggest you to join a post-pitch networking table. You will then be able to choose one of the 5 networking tables proposed, corresponding to the 5 solutions presented. 

How to contact another participant? 
It is possible to send a message to another participant from your personal space. To do so, you must have activated networking. In the "my networking contacts" tab, you will find recommendations according to your profile, as well as a search bar allowing you to find a participant and send him/her a contact request.

Press & Media

I have registered for the Discovery pass but I don't have access to the Press area? 
The press area is reserved for journalists and media. It provides access to all press releases and personalized support for interviews. If this is your case, please contact: to obtain this access. 

The press room helpdesk is full, how can I access it? 
In order to facilitate exchanges, the press room is limited to 4 people. You have to wait for a participant to leave before a place is available. 

About us

Who is behind ChangeNOW? 
 The team has 18 employees and the startup was created by Santiago Lefebvre, Rose-May Lucotte and Kevin Tayebaly in 2017. In March 2020, ChangeNOW partnered with the Les Echos - Le Parisien group to amplify its actions.

What is ChangeNOW? 
 ChangeNOW is a startup that aims to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world. Each year, the team identifies promising solutions for the planet and connects them to the resources that they need to scale. The ChangeNOW community of thousands of international changemakers includes startups, investors, organizations, corporations, institutions, media, talent… The team organizes several activities including the ChangeNOW summit, impact job fairs, live talks, workshops and more.

Is it only digital? 
 Yes, this edition is fully digital. Some speakers are coming to our studio to do their talks.  

How can we become a partner? 
 There are many options to become a partner: ambassador, investor, ecosystem, corporate… Please contact us after the event so we can schedule a call to see how we can help each other! 

What are the solutions selection criteria? 
1) A positive impact (addresses one or more of the UN's SDGs) 
2) An innovative concept 
3) A viable business model 
4) The potential to be scaled. 

How many countries are represented? 

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