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Christian Courtin-Clarins


President of the Supervisory Board


Christian Courtin-Clarins joined the Clarins Group Supervisory Committee as President in May 2008. A sound decision in perfect harmony with the vision of his father, the founder of Clarins. “Sound” is far from being Christian Courtin-Clarins’ only quality… Those close to him know: Christian Courtin-Clarins has charm, charisma and an exceptional down-to-earth quality that is surprising for the President of an international company. He inspires all the brands in the Group with a unique vision that is theirs and theirs alone. He knows how to ensure they do more, do better and enjoy doing so. Professional milestones: During his studies at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (business school), Christian Courtin-Clarins followed courses given by high-ranking professors Raymond Barre and Jean-Edern Hallier - men who became noted politicians in France. In 1974, he joined the family company as Export Director and became the spokesman for the brand around the world. He helped “open up” 128 countries to Clarins products and methods. From Managing Director of Clarins and President of Mugler Perfumes, he moved on to the role of President of the Clarins Group in 2000, a group that included (until March 2020) Clarins, My Blend, Mugler Perfumes & Fashion as well as Azzaro Fragrances (Mugler Parfums & Mode and Azzaro were recently acquired by the L’Oréal Group). A man with a passion Christian Courtin-Clarins wants to know what others think - particularly the many women who work with him - and this keeps him firmly on the creative path. Once convinced by a new project or idea, however original, he immediately gets on board and braves the natural risks faced by all innovative companies. “To avoid the taste of disappointment, I will do everything to ensure that my decisions go as far as they possibly can. If a problem appears on the way, you simply understand its source and adapt. Challenges make us more creative.” A man who listens Christian Courtin-Clarins believes in the power of the heart and cultivates it in all senses of the term. Ardour, energy and enthusiasm are his definition of heart. But heart is also soul and the belief that in addition to intuition and empathy, women are able to go beyond mere appearances. As those who have attended the Clarins Award ceremony can confirm, however tough a negotiator he may be, he can openly show heartfelt emotion. A man who communicates While working with his father, Christian very quickly became involved in communicating the brand and promoting its codes. Codes chosen to represent the natural ethic, to project an image of women in tune with their generation and to reveal the natural beauty of all women. No need for stars to wear Clarins colours. On the contrary, Christian sought to show the diversity of the women he was addressing. The Clarins “Le Rouge” campaign in 2001 saw young women from Africa, Asia and Europe side by side. The same spirit held true for the ClarinsMen launch which brought together men of various ages and origins.

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