ChangeNOW 2021



The Sun Tree, an immersive sound experience by ONYO

The Sun Tree, an immersive sound experience by ONYO A long time ago, Amaterasu, the sun goddess, placed her heart in a tree that brings warmth, light and energy to all creatures. But every hundred years, a ritual must regenerate it. You are invited to take part! 

Inspired by the work of the philosopher Baptiste Morizot on the relationship between humans and nature, ONYO has imagined the Sun-Tree as an aesthetic ecological experience (7 minutes, eyes closed, 3D sound with any headset). It is a bilingual world première, a window of reconnection for ChangeNOW participants, and a source of inspiration for decision makers.

The first sustainable art auction 

You are invited to the first sustainable art auction! To support the non-profit ChangeNOW Communities, that will organize the Days and Prize for Sustainable Creation, we have brought together 12 international artists (with the participation of the galleries Continua and Papillon Paris) proposing sober and powerful works, and accessible (between 3 000€ and 20 000€). These low-carbon works all offer a contrasted outlook on the value of materials and the scarcity of our planetary resources, feeding very contemporary cultural and ecological issues. 

You can bid by mail to the curator  or by sending us a written order on

Tim Zdey

ChangeNOW invited the French street-artist Tim Zdey to create a specific work of art for ChangeNOW 2021, that would say something about Transition and Sustainable Creation The artist wanted an iconic object, symbol of the industrial era and the consumer society. He therefore decided to go to a car scrapyard in Romainville, near Paris where he met with a fantastic character, the owner of the place, but also with a very inspiring Citroën ZX door. It is now « On the road again » a colorful one-of-a-kind story of dynamic and movement. This art piece has been created with the complicity of SUEZ and will be on sale at the Christie’s x ChangeNOW #MoreArtLessCarbon auction on Friday.