ChangeNOW 2021


Omri Boral


Co-Founder & CEO


Omri Boral is a Co/Founder and CEO at TechForGood. TechForGood harnesses innovative technologies and a double-bottom-line mindset to capture the opportunities of addressing global social and environmental challenges. Working with corporations, governments and NGOs to cultivate groundbreaking impact innovation, TechForGood aims to generate positive impact alongside business value. Omri is one of the founding figures of the Israeli impact ecosystem, a serial entrepreneur, developer of impact practices for startups and corporates, and an international speaker on impact and innovation. Omri serves on the boards of several organizations: World Summit Awards, Alterna and 2B Friendly. Prior to joining TechForGood, Omri had been a pioneering player in developing the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Israel. She co-founded several organizations in the field, which served as a catalyzer for the evolvement of the industry in Israel. Omri also developed methodological tools specifically designed for double bottom line startups, in addition to leading numerous entrepreneurship programs. Before these undertakings, Omri held management positions in social organizations and served as an economist for the Ministry of Finance. Omri is in the process of writing her PhD on hybrid financial instruments and impact investment models. She holds a B.A. in Political Science, Philosophy & Economy from the Hebrew University (Cum Laude). ¬

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