ChangeNOW 2021


Shu Zhang


Cofondatrice & CEO


Shu Zhang studied in an engineering school (Ecole Centrale Paris) until 2011. Passionate about food and gastronomy, she went to a cooking school and opened her restaurant in Paris in 2014. One of the biggest problems she identified in the restaurant was the quantity of packaging waste that was generated for food supply. She was overflooded every day by piles of cardboard boxes, wood and polystyrene crates that ended up incinerated or buried. She found the situation absurd, and she decided to act. She created Pandobac in 2018, with the ambition to replace disposable packaging by a more sustainable solution. Since 2019, Pandobac replaced 300 000 disposable packaging with reusable crates, and saved 300 tons of waste. Shu Zhang is active in the French circular economy ecosystem and is president of the French Reuse Network.

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