ChangeNOW 2021


Aurélie Zunino

Chaire ANCA/ AgroParisTech

Coordinatrice de projets de sensibilisation à l'alimentation durable


Aurélie Zunino coordinates the ANCA CHAIR since 2018, a sponsored organization of AgroParisTech (Paris Institute of technology for life, food and environmental sciences). She manages and develops educational programmes to raise awareness about food sustainably and to improve food behaviors. She is specialized in the implementation of innovative and digital programmes such as games, videos, comic book, social media campaign to disseminate knowledge to wide audiences. Her work aims at engaging with people through entertaining and science-based content, to clarify misperceptions or daily questions about sustainable diets. She evolutes in a multi-stakeholder’s environment from food behavior’s researchers to operators. One of the recent projet developped by ANCA is a program designed for Millenials (18-35 y.o), broadcasted on the social media Instagram, called Je mange pour le futur.

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